Shuenn Farn Ventilator Industrial Co., Ltd.

ShuennFarn Ventilator Industrial company founded in 1975 with the purpose of designing and producing the highest durably effective products for our customers. ShuennFarn offers Exhaust/Drawing Fan, Industrial Fan, High/Low Pressure Blower, agricultural fan, Roof Type Exhaust Fan, Dust Collection, Wall Mounted Fan, Green house Fan, Evaporative Cooling, Cooling Pad and more to help solving sweltering problem.

Within these four decades, ShuennFarn continues to develop and grow stably with the pursuit of 4 values, mainly inclusive of credibility, innovation, quality, and service, t...more

Established in:1975
Annual Sales:USD$ 5,000,000
Capital:USD$ 1,000,000
Business Type:OEM Manufacturer ODM Manufacturer Exporter/Agent
Markets: World Wide
Main Products:Exhausting & Drawing Fans-Household (Home, House), Wall Mounted Fans, Movable Guiding Relay Fans, Negative Pressure Exhaust Fans, Industrial Fans-Upright (Stand, Vertical), Industrial Cooling Fan, Industrial Ceiling Fan, High & Low Pressure Blowers-Blowers Flows, Axial Flow Blowers, Multi Wing (Multiwing), Drawing Fans, Multi Blade (Multiblade), Direct Extractor Fans, Multi Blade Dual Vent Ventilation Fan, Moveable Axial Flow Blowers, Roof Exhaust Fans-Roof Ventilation Axial Wheels Fans, Dust Collections (Collector), Automatic Grinders, Vacuum Cleaners (Household, Industrial), Industrial Motors, Water Heater
No. of Employee:100
ISO and/or Other Safety/Quality Approvals:ISO9001
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Sky Chen
Contact:Assistant Vice President Jacky Chen
Address:1F, No. 1-12, Yung An Rd., Lin Ney Hsiang Yunlin Hsien, 64344 Taiwan