SADM-24 Portable Tube Axial Fan

SADM-24 Portable Tube Axial Fan


Product ID: SADM-24-36


【Product Features】

◎ Special fan blade design for larger air volume and longer air supply.

◎ Easy to move; The angle can be adjusted for more convenient use.

◎ It can be used for ventilation to make air flow centralized and straight, and the voltage can be made according to the requirements.

◎ The fan guard is 10mm clearance for safe use.

◎ With current overload protection switch.



◎ The volume data is for reference only, the actual decibel value will vary depending on the installation method and use environment.



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Model SADM-24 SADM-36
Motor AC Motor AC Motor
SPEED(RPM) 1700 820
(HP) 1HP*4P 3HP*8P
HZ 60 60
Voltage(V) 220/380V 220/380V
167 550
Noise dB (A) 91 89
Net weight (NW) 63 120