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Cooling Pads

Cooling Pads

Cooling Pads

Cooling Pads

Cooling Pads

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The feature of evaporative cooling pads decreasing temperature fasten
Using the theory of decrease temperature system, water steam suction the high-temperature negative pressure type exhausting air flow after install the product then, draw the hot-heat air and grimy air from factory, therefore the fresh air flow into factory again. Even if the factory temperature (32 degrees to 45 degrees high-temperature)decreases temperature in 10 minutes and keep on in 26 degrees to 30 degrees. it is the best comfortable working environment for worker. of course, increase the efficiency of work and increase the quality of product. so, it would be improved 95%~99% of high-temperature closeness, muddy and dirty air in the factory.

Evaprorative cooling pads
Evaporating and cooling pad is ripple fiber combination with high evaporating efficiency and high corrosion-resistance utilizing imported special fiber materials and multiple materials through bond processing. Hot air goes through cooling pad and become cool wind, seems aliks natural breeze from forest after rain, cool and refreshing. Suit for green house、warm house, livestock premises meanwhile, keeping the facility on cooling and certain wet.

1. Low cost investment but high in returns.
2. Frugal electricity consumption, saving up to 80% in electricity bills.
3. Ability to expel hot and stale air in a building and replacing it with fresh cool air within one minute.
4. Ability to increase and ionize air flow in a building, therefore raising the productivity of the workers.
5. Ventilation, dust control, removal of odour and cooling effect are achieve simultaneously through this system.

Suitable range
1. Most of places where need drawing hot-heat and decrease temperature, such as market, super market, office, hotel, hospital station, athletic hall, exhibit hall conservatory, opera hall, etc…
2. Suitable for high temperature, rancid, work processing factory, such as: chemical plant, textile plant , electronic plant, machinery plant, electro-plate, toy plant, hardware and wire plant , plastic plant, etc….


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