Dust Collection - Emery Wheel Grinding Machine with Automatic Dust Collection

Product ID: CTG200 ~ CTG250

Emery Wheel Grinding Machine With Automatic Dust Collector

Brief Introduction:

  1. With high efficiency dust collector, it is up to 95% - 100% efficiency.
  2. Quiet, Durable, and safe.
  3. Low breakdown rate.
  4. If emery wheel breaks will not hurt operators, because it will drop into the tube in the dust collector, the eye shield and glass shield can help block all the dust.
  5. The lamp will turn on when the machine is on, it can help warn and prevent operators from getting hurt by the operating emery wheel grinding machine.
  6. Lift top cover – easy to change emery wheel.
  7. After balancing and correcting, it is more accurate.
  8. It is practical and convenient to use this machine, and there is no need to use additional collector to increase efficiency.


How to install the emery wheel proportionally

On the mandrel of the grinder, put the thick washers in an inner side and hammer it lightly by the gavel. Use adjustable tool rest to cover the emery wheel and loosen the screw on the top of adjustable tool rest, place iron plate, and tighten the screw to make sure that iron plate is able to move flexibly.

How to balance adjustable tool rest

  1. There are four directions on the adjustable tool rest, including 1, 2, 3, and 4 position. First, put the iron plate between 1 and 3 positions, and tighten the screw to make it balance equally in order to measure the difference of density.
  2. After starting the machine in the first time, the machine should be running for 1 minutes to make sure there is no problem, so operator can get close to the machine to check the vibration. If the vibration is small, there is no need to change it. But if it is heavy, the machine should be balanced again.
  3. During the adjustment, the iron plate should be moved from B to B’ in order to make sure the vibration is lower than the first time. If it is not, the iron plate should be moved from B to B’’, and then adjust it lightly.
  4. If the vibration is still heavy, that means the iron plate should not put between 1 and three position. It should be put between 2 and 4 position to adjust it. Just make sure that operator can find out one position to adjust it to be balanced n to adjust it. Just make sure that operator can find out one position to adjust it to be balanced.



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TYPE CTG-200 CTG-250 CTG-250
HP 0.5HP*2P 1HP*2P 2HP*2P
3PHAS/220V 3PHAS/220V
EMERY WHEEL SIZE Ø8"*1"*19.05mm Ø10"*1"*25.4mm Ø12"*1"*25.4mm
REVOLUTION 3450rpm 3450rpm 3450rpm
BLOWER HP 1/2HP*2P 3/4HP*2P 3/4HP*2P
750*545*1000 920*610*1150 920*610*1150


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